Home 2.

1100 High Court

Builder: Atwood Custom Homes
Designer: Stacy Furniture & Design
Architect: J Bolton & Associates
Realtor: Jeannie Anderson Group

VOTED: Best in Show

VOTED: Best Floor Plan

VOTED: Best Outdoor Entertaining Area

VOTED: Best Master Bath

Splintered massing is how builder Jon Atwood of Atwood Custom Homes describes the architectural layout of this house. “When you build a single-story house and you spread it out, you got masses that are splintered throughout,” Atwood explains. The home’s entryway is a 700-square-foot hall with large, 10-foot-tall windows overlooking the pool. On either side of the wide, atrium-style entry are what amount to wings — with the west wing containing the master and two additional bedrooms, and the east wing containing the kitchen and entertainment areas.

“That’s what I wanted to create,” Atwood says. “Was that open field, nothing closed in. Not your normal walk-in dining room on your left, study on your right, kitchen right ahead of you. We wanted to splinter it up a little bit.”

Despite being a single-story home bookended by a couple of two-story houses, the home is far from dwarfed — it still measures at 6,000 square feet with five bedrooms, seven baths, and two garages. While the lack of multiple stories is what will immediately stand out as the home’s key differentiator, other clever design elements make the home a unique addition to Fort Worth Magazine’s Dream Street. The wide footprint, which Atwood says was dictated by the shape of the lot, coupled with the natural wood entry doors and symmetrical lines throughout give the home a modern yet natural aesthetic that makes it stand out from the pack.

In addition, Atwood says the home’s design should attract those more interested in practical living.

“We chose to go the route of more timeless and comfortable living,” Atwood says. “I think most of the people coming through here are going to be the older people that say, ‘Hey, I could see myself living in this house.’ We didn’t go for gimmicky. We didn’t go for what’s new and faddish and what’s Las Vegas.”

The home, which was purchased before completion, also includes some additions from the owner that Atwood said greatly enhanced the livability of the house. These include a wood-fire grilling station that would make any barbecue connoisseur drool and a motorized pool cover.

“Being that we sold it early, I had a homeowner come in, and I showed him the ideas that I wanted to do,” Atwood says. “And then he kept one-upping me.”

6,600 square feet

$3.2 million

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The outdoor living area
The outdoor living area
Bar opens up to the outdoor living area
Great Room
Dining Area
Main dining area
Master bath
Master bedroom
Master bath

3D Virtual Tour: Metroplex 360
Appliances: Expressions Home Gallery
Architect: J Bolton & Associates
Cabinets Kitchen: The Kitchen Source
Concrete Flatwork: Blythe Concrete
Countertop Fabrication: Absolute Stone & Tile
Countertops Material: Levantina
Doors Exterior: Quarles Lumber
Drywall & Texture: Alliance Drywall Inc
Fencing Iron and Automated Gates: Magnolia Fence & Patio
Fencing Wood: Magnolia Fence & Patio
FIre-Protection Systems: Safe Life Fire Protection
Fireplace Inserts – Interior: Overhead Door Company of Fort Worth
Fireplaces (Isokern) & Insert: Overhead Door Company of Fort Worth
Flooring (Wood Labor): North Texas Surfaces
Flooring Material (Tile): Interceramic
Flooring Material (Wood): DuChateau
Foundation: Blythe Concrete
Garage Doors/Openers: Overhead Door Company of Fort Worth
Gutters: Loveless Gutters
Hardware/Cabinet Hardware: Pierce Fine Decorative Hardware & Plumbing
HVAC Equip and Thermostats: Hawk Air Company
Insulation: New Leaf Foam Insulation
Interior Designer: Stacy Furniture & Design
Landscape/Irrigation/Grade/Lighting: Guardado Landscaping
Light Fixtures: Passion Lighting
Low Voltage/Audio/Video/Security: H Customs Audio Video
Lumber and Trusses: Builders FirstSource
Outdoor Lighting: Passion Lighting
Paint: Benjamin Moore
Plumbing Fixtures: Ferguson Plumbing Supply
Plumbing Labor & Supplies: Posey Plumbing
Pool Table: Fort Worth Billiards Superstore
Pool: Claffey Pools
Roofing/Flashing: Texas Tile Roofing
Shower Glass & Mirrors: Galactic Glass LLC
Site Surveillance: SiteViewPRO
Stucco Material and Labor: Centurion Stone of DFW
Windows & Interior Doors: Quarles Windows